New Year; Same You

At this time of year the blogosphere is teeming with inspirational New Year posts telling you to make big new changes in your life and to revamp and reboot your life, heck, I even wrote one myself last year as a guest post for another blog. This isn’t a bad thing; a lot of these articles are full of helpful tips regarding motivation, self-improvement, habit-forming or simply a few words just to spur you along. But this year, I’m going to offer some different advice; do not change.

Okay, I’ll explain myself. I want to say don’t change because to tell you to change would be to assume that there was something wrong with you in the first place, and I’m not going to do that. I’m sure you’re doing just great; after all, here you are reading a self-improvement article. That leads me on to the second reason I’m not going to tell you to change; because I’d rather tell you to improve. Stay the same, you’re awesome, instead; focus on improving a little bit every day. If you manage to do this, you’re doing fantastic.

January is the same every year. The gym is bursting at the sides in an attempt to stop our waistline’s doing the same thing. Social media is overflowing with posts on the diets people are trying out or the changes they are making in their lives, and that’s great, but the success rate for these changes is slim. Come just February and gym memberships are already falling as we slip into our old ways. January simply isn’t the best time to make resolutions. We’re down in the dumps to be back at work, and many of us are struggling financially after Christmas, not to mention the cold weather.

Spring is a much better time to starts making changes in our lives. So why not wait until then? Why not make it a little easier on ourselves and increase our chances of success? Robert Butterworth, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles says, “The weather is getting better . . . It’s a less stressful time; we feel more energized.” I have to say, I agree. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t try. If you want to make some changes now, go right ahead. But come March, why not make some more? And if you’d rather hold off completely until Spring, then rest safe in the knowledge that many consider this to be a better idea.

To all of you who’ve made resolutions already, good on you. I truly wish you the best of luck. I hope that come March, you’ll assess them again, and regardless of your level of success, keep pushing forward. To those of you who haven’t made any yet, then consider that Spring is supposed to be a great time to try and improve yourself.

Good luck guys,


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  1. G says

    Your advice to ‘improve’ rather than ‘change,’ is a very refreshing
    viewpoint. We live in a society which constantly tells us that we
    need to change, that there is indeed something wrong with us. I
    often feel under pressure to change to become something I’m not. If
    we improve ourselves, setting our own targets and realising our own
    areas for improvement, we will be happier with ourselves rather
    than living up to some idealised version that we feel pressured to

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