Make Your Dreams Come True

What is your dream?

I don’t mean the fantasies that are unlikely to come true like winning the lottery or owning your own country . . . Just me? I mean the ones you really feel you should be achieving.

It could be getting that dream job; that dream house; that dream family! Whatever it is, I understand it can often feel a million miles away; a ship on the horizon that promises rescue but never seems to come any closer. It merely drifts along the horizon of your life while you gaze wistfully on from the shore willing it towards you and wondering if you will ever see that ship dock. Well there is every chance that it won’t. Not if all you do is stand by and hope the power of thought will urge it in your direction.

I’m going to stick with this ship metaphor to its watery end and hope that it serves me this whole post.

Okay, so we’ve established it’s unlikely that the ship will, by chance, drift in our direction and it is down to us to employ the hard work necessary to depart our safe island and row out into the waters if we are ever going to climb aboard. So how?

Naming the Ship

Firstly we shall define our dream. This will give us a clear direction in which to aim our efforts. So whether you’re chasing the S.S. New Job or the S.S. Lose Weight, determining in your mind what it is you are trying to achieve and resolving to accomplish it is the first task. I know this sounds simple, but so many times before I’ve worked my way towards one goal half-heartedly before turning and heading towards another – never quite deciding what it is I most wanted to achieve.

Building a RAFT


What do you have at your disposal that will help you towards your goal? It might be finances that you have or need; experience; knowledge or something else. Thoroughly explore your options. What do you have? What do you need?


We stand a far greater chance of success when we have help. You do not need to go it alone. People like being asked for help, so if you know somebody who has done it before, turn to them.

Tell your friends and family. This can go a long way towards motivating you and building an important support network that will help you achieve your dream.

Finish Line

How will you know when you have achieved your goal? Determine what your finish line will look like, and visualize it. Visualize yourself reaching this point and imagine vividly what that will feel like. Truly experience it in your mind. By programming your mind in this way you are teaching your sub-conscious what the success you’re striving for will actually look like and telling it to stand up and take notice when it does. It will also encourage your mind to follow anything that might lead to your eventual success. Do this often.

Time Scale

Is there a time constraint? If there is then you need to implement this into your plan and monitor your progress accordingly. If there isn’t then consider setting one yourself because it may well ensure that your dreams actually come into fruition.

Now that you’ve built your raft, push it out, grab the oars and start rowing! It’s your own grit and determination that will get you on that boat, nobody else’s.

So you’ve got your sights set, you’re on the water and your pumped up and ready to go. My last piece of advice is to start slow. Personally I find I have a much higher success rate if I start slow and small and work my way up from there. The small successes along the way have an amazing snowball effect as you power towards your goal. It also goes someway towards ensuring you don’t burn out early in the game and tire of the hard work that is ahead of you. The small successes will eventually add up to one large success and you will have accomplished your dream. It will happen. Good luck.


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