Purposeful Life Update: Guest Posts

Well it’s been a while since the last Purposeful Life post and I do apologise. I’ve been hard at work building an author site and working on my fiction. I’ll be linking my author site to this one so you’ll be able to head on over and check that out once it’s all set up. I’ve also completed two self-improvement eBooks that are currently available on Amazon under a pseudonym which I may link to in the future once I’ve decided how to best assign my fiction and non-fiction names for future works.

As my efforts are currently divided between Purposeful Life and my author site (as well as two jobs), I’ve decided that over the next couple of months I’ll start accepting guest posts on Purposeful Life. This will help avoid any quiet spells like this one on the blog and also give you the opportunity to get your articles out there and reach the Purposeful Life audience.

I’ve had a great response to the free eBook 7 Steps to Success, so thanks for all your feedback. If you’ve not picked up a copy, just sign up to the newsletter to claim yours.

If you’re interested in making a guest post submission then just drop me an email at contact[at]purposefullife[dot]net

In your email please give the suggested title of your article and a short description of the article contents. If it’s suitable for Purposeful Life, I’ll be happy to accept.

Please keep a look out for some great articles coming to Purposful Life over the next few weeks and if you haven’t already, head over and sign up to the newsletter.