The Power of Making Decisions


Sometimes, the life that we’re reaching for can seem completely out of reach, like a dream that will never quite make it into waking life. We do everything we can to struggle towards our goals and dreams. We make lists, we make and break habits, we spend all of our time thinking about it, but it never quite happens. There’s always something in our way.

So how can we break this cycle?

We’re often forgetting the most important step. Making the decision. Not just making the decision, but committing to it, finalizing it. As Jim Rohn says, we have to reach the point at which we say, “I’ve had it!” We put our foot down and say, “No more!”

Now this could be our breaking point, we could turn our backs on our goals right now. No one would blame you. It’s hard work! But, you’re not going to do that are you? You’ve come too far for too long! So instead, this will be our ‘Making Point’. It’s the only option left. Failure is out of the question. This single defining moment will make you!

But how?

Tony Robbins calls it ‘massive action’. It’s when you’re just so stuck that only action on this huge level can unstick you. And it feels great. One big decision, that’s all it takes to change the course of your life entirely. One decision that up until now we’ve talked ourselves out of; we’ve been too afraid to make. Well now’s the time! Do it! What’s the alternative? Giving up? Well, we’ve already decided that that’s out of the question. No way. Not you and not now!

Now you’ve decided to take the massive plunge; leaving your job; studying; starting your own business; starting or ending a relationship, follow this up with a series of small daily actions and you’re headed in a completely new direction! Pretty soon, the future is going to look entirely different. That dream you’ve been having is going to look pretty real, real soon!

I used to feel stuck. I had a limited view of the future – like I was walking around with a candle in the dark. Nothing around me looked like success. Nothing looked like I wanted it too. I didn’t recognize my life, or myself, but when you make a decision that alters the course of your life, suddenly everything lights up. You can see further! You can project yourself into the future and see just how different it looks.

The place you are at now is temporary, but without the decision and the massive, necessary action, it becomes your prison.

Will today be your breaking point or your making point?

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Thanks for reading!


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